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"I'm not programmed to forgive and forget, I can't just start chumming around with people who have ignored and mocked me for a year. That's just not me." -Veronica Mars // "It takes you ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart." -Finnick // [[intj]]
When I get a guy to buy me a drink


Flirting with him at firstimage

Then scaring him away after so I can enjoy my drink in peace




Sassy President is sassy.

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kitties are kitties no matter what size


That lion has one of the most majestic looking manes, that I’ve ever seen before.

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So you know what I don’t get? Why people repeat words. (x)

Grammar time: it’s called “contrastive reduplication,” and it’s a form of intensification that is relatively common. Finnish does a very similar thing, and others use near-reduplication (rhyme-based) to intensify, like Hungarian (pici ‘tiny’, ici-pici ‘very tiny’).

Even the typologically-distant group of Bantu languages utilize reduplication in a strikingly similar fashion with nouns: Kinande oku-gulu ‘leg’, oku-gulu-gulu ‘a REAL leg’ (Downing 2001, includes more with verbal reduplication as well).

I suppose the difficult aspect of English reduplication is not through this particular type, but the fact that it utilizes many other types of reduplication: baby talk (choo-choo, no-no), rhyming (teeny-weeny, super-duper), and the ever-famous “shm” reduplication: fancy-schmancy (a way of denying the claim that something is fancy).

No but seriously, we all know what that means.

If he ‘likes’ you, then he thinks you’re a nice person, maybe a friend. He doesn’t think you’re a dick. If he ‘likes likes’ you, then that’s romantic attraction shit.

'Spicy' can be like there are a lot of spices in this dish, like tarragon and cinnamon and shit. 'Spicy Spicy' implies there is HEAT, or, if heat was already implied in the first version, this heat will BURN YOUR FUCKING MOUTH

And then there’s ‘Fancy’ - This can mean anything from ‘wear something not stained or full of holes, but otherwise whatever’ up to ‘professional attire’ but ‘Fancy Fancy’ is like, shit girl, ettiquite says makeup and REALLY NICE clothing is only suitable. Tux and dress. Heels. This is Fancy Fancy bullshit, and if you underdress, you’ll regret it later.

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"We can’t have a female protagonist because girls don’t like comic book movies"


"Well now that a huge percentage of the audience of comic book movies are girls, clearly girls like comic book movies exactly the way they are and we don’t have to change anything"

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quick way to find out how deep in the fandom someone is

  • shallow water


  • bottom of the ocean


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Intro Porn (3/?) ► CBS’ Elementary

“It has its costs - learning to see the puzzle in everything. They’re everywhere. Once you start looking, it’s impossible to stop. It just so happens that people, and all the deceits and delusions that inform everything they do, tend to be the most fascinating puzzles of all. Of course, they don’t always appreciate being seen as such.”

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Community Post: 21 Ways You Are Definitely Leslie Knope
When my absence doesn’t alter your life, then my presence has no meaning in it.




Robin Thicke is a big DICK

I don’t usually reblog things with language, but this has such valid and important points.

You are what you eat

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